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Enigma of Kasper Hoser - A lost post from my early 20s

I watched 'Enigma of Kasper Hauser' today. Very few people might have heard name of this movie. A great movie. I can't say that it is entertaining for most of the people, but I really enjoyed it. The way Kasper learns to speak is pretty analogous to natural language processing; his logic,way he thinks about his existence is unique and original. His logic sounds funny sometimes. He says, when he is in the room and when he looks both sides, he sees the room. But while watching tower from outside, tower can be seen on only one side. So, room is bigger than tower.

But as I was thinking about flaws of logic, I figure out that it is totally based on visual perception, not on cognition. It was not complete knowledge as he did not feel it or tried to verify his testimony. If he would have walked around both room and tower, his conclusion would've been different. However we can bear Kasper doing this thing but statements without knowledge of subject are not acceptable from me or someone studying observational science.    


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भाग १: अशासनवाद म्हणजे काय?

आधुनिक सभ्यतेपुढे तीन प्रमुख आपत्तिजनक समस्या आहेत:

१. सामाजिक पतन- गरिबी, बेघरता, गुन्हेगारी, सामाजिक विषमता, तेढ आणि एकाकीकरण, दारु आणि अमली पदार्थांचा अतिप्रयोग, अमानवीकरण, समाजातल्या सहकारी आणि स्वावलंबी व्यवस्थांचा ऱ्हास[१], जनतेचा  राजकारणातला निरस असे सगळेच सगळेच समाजिक प्रश्न यामधे येतात. 
२. पृथ्वीवरच्या नाजूक पर्यावरणाचा नाश, ज्यावर सर्व प्रकारचे जीवजंतू अवलंबून आहेत. 

३. नरसंहार करणाऱ्या  शस्त्रांचा, विशेषतः आण्विक शस्त्रांचा प्रसार

प्रस्थापित "तज्ज्ञ", काळोकाळ चालत आलेलं मत, मुख्य प्रवाहातली माध्यमे, राजकारणी, हे सगळेच या संकटांना वेगळं करता येण्यासारखं मानतात. या सगळ्या समस्यांची कारणं वेगवेगळी असून त्यांना एक एक करून सोडवता येऊ शकतं असं त्यांचं  मत आहे. पण या सगळ्याच समस्या अधिकाधिक वाईट होत चालल्या असल्यामुळे, हा परंपरागत दृष्टीकोन काम करत नाही हे स्पष्ट आहे. हा दृष्टिकोन सुधारला नाही तर येणाऱ्या काळात मोठा अनर्थ घडण्याची दाट शक्यता आहे. हा अनर्थ एकतर भयानक आण्विक युद्ध ,पर्यावरणाचा  प्रलयंकारी ऱ्हास  किंवा अमानुष नागरी यादवीच्या स्वरूपात येईल.

अशासनवाद म…

The SaiBaba Effect

I used to participate in robotics contests called RoboCon back in college days. Essentially it was a contest where bunch of teams from a bunch of colleges built(guess what!) robots- both manually controlled and autonomous. It is not as cool as I thought it was in those years, so I won't get into much details and jump right into the subject.
I used be an 'electronics guy' in this team, designing sensor systems and circuits and such. We would make boards and do make some nasty wiring to connect them to make the robots work. These circuits, mimicked from hobby sites, coupled with limited understanding of design techniques were quite fickle. Things would work to our satisfaction sometimes, and most other times they would not. And then we would go about patching them in some last ditch, mindless effort to get our robots to work in the arena so that we could save face. Debugging used to be a wild-goose chase in those days. But hey, not everything in the world is so dark. Someti…